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10 Interesting Facts About Interview Body Language

Did you know that body language plays a significant part in how a candidate is perceived in an interview? In fact - studies show that body language can constitute for more than 50% of what we are communicating to our interviewer.

So here are 10 important figures to consider before going in to your job interview!

1) The average length of an interview is around 40 minutes

2) 33% of 2000 surveyed interviewers said they know within the first 90 seconds of the interview if they will recruit the candidate
3) 70% of interviewers thought applicants were too trendy while attending an interview

4) 67% mentioned they have had an unsuccessful candidate, due to them being unable to make eye contact

5) 55% of interviewers admitted they didn't hire because of the way the candidate walked through the door

6) 47% mentioned times a candidate was unsuccessful as they didn’t have any information about the company they were applying for

7) 38% didn't hire because of voice quality and overall confidence level; and a lack of a smile

8) 33% of interviewers said they rejected a candidate because of bad posture during the interview

9) 26% of interviewers had rejected a candidate because of their bad handshake

10) Finally, 21% of candidates get rejected for crossing their arms against their chest during the interview!
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